Graboid Video – Safe or Scam?

What is Graboid Video?

Graboid Video is an application software to download movies and tv shows. The free trial limits downloads to 2GB, after your first 2GB you have to upgrade to the subscription plan which costs $19.99 per month.

Is Graboid Legal?

Graboid claims not to host or post any of the content, so they are not responsible for what others host or what you download, but obviously any copyrighted material you download from graboid video will be unlicensed and therefore illegal.

Is Graboid Safe to Use?

Although graboid video will not install spyware or viruses, it is not safe to use. Graboid is getting its files from intermediary sites. Of course, most of the content is copyrighted, which is illegal to download.

Is Graboid a Scam?

Graboid charges a monthly membership fee, but the money does not go to the copyright holder of videos you download, it simply goes to graboid and the software developers. Graboid is ripping off the copyright owners and the subscribers.

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